Emergency Care Research – Patient and Public Involvement


Leading, high quality emergency care research must be relevant to the patients and public who are going to benefit from it. Sheffield Emergency Care Forum aims to help researchers and patients through the research process, making participation easier and research accessible to the public.

Our Group

Sheffield Emergency Care Forum (SECF) is a pioneering PPI group representing patients and public within cutting-edge projects, involving multi-site research centres across the U.K. Our lay members come from all walks of life and we welcome members from Yorkshire Ambulance Service and medical students. We aim to represent patients and public alike from across the community.

Our Work

We take part in Public and Patient Involvement (PPI), steering and management groups; help researchers produce and develop material that can be understood by the patient and public; and help drive patient-focussed emergency care research. As a result of our input, we hope to improve the patient experience.

We concentrate our efforts on providing the public and patient perspectives in research studies within pre-hospital, urgent and emergency care. Where and when we can, we will provide help and support to other research projects, but it is not always possible, as we prefer to concentrate our involvement on research based on NHS pre-hospital, urgent or emergency care. All the research projects we are involved with are directly linked to the National Health Service.