What we do

Sheffield Emergency Care Forum (SECF) was created a few years ago to offer a formal Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group to researchers, to help ensure that their research was relevant to the target audience.

The group’s founding members were formerly part of the Sheffield Community Health Council, Sheffield Patient Forum and LINK.  It was decided, because of central government’s initiatives and recommendations, to create a formal PPI group to make PPI an integral part of the research process.  So, in 2009, SECF was born.

Our special interest is pre-hospital, urgent and emergency care.  We work with some of the largest multi-centred research studies and renowned researchers within their fields.

SECF also assists by offering independent  general public and patient perspectives on research proposals, patient information sheets, lay person summaries and help with dissemination of findings to the lay audience.

The group meets quarterly to hear and discuss the progress of on-going studies; and meet and hear from researchers about their proposals and presentations for studies that they wish to start.

Our group also includes medical students and two members of theYorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS).  We hear news from them all, and for medical students, the group provides opportunities to extend their education, by learning about on-going medical and clinical research; and research opportunities in future for their career development.

Members of the group have taken, and are currently taking part, in many research projects and play a vital role in ensuring the research is patient-focussed.

SECF has a representative on the Strategic Local Priority Group for Public and Patient Involvement for South Yorkshire and the Humber and on the local PPI forum.  We have links with other PPI groups outside these areas.